Promazur SARL is a general construction company established in January 1991. Its directors Anne Marie Maccari-Cheix and Michel Venturi are construction professionals for over 30 years. Their experience and know-how in the construction industry earned their professional classification OPQCB5***** After operating in the construction of industrial buildings (Shell, Cadarache space centre, town halls…) for many years, they have focussed on the construction of villas and on renovation in order to participate in exciting family housing projects. Our company can build new buildings, renovate existing housing, modify old buildings, our expertise allows us to study and execute all your projects with confidence, from providing advice and support, sketches… to the acceptance of the work. We work every day on our customers’ projects with dialogue and coordination. Periodical site meetings are organised to monitor agreeably the progress of the construction, with adjustments, explanations and modifications if required.